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Obama’s Leadership & Jobs Bill

What is the role of a leader? Most Americans would probably say it is the ability to influence others to achieve a common goal. An

October 17, 2011 Economy, News and Politics, U.S.
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Inside Occupy LA

On Saturday, October 8, 2011 Occupy LA commemorated it's first week of occupancy outside of City Hall. I was amazed at the collection of people

October 13, 2011 Economy, News and Politics, U.S.
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Occupy Wall Street & Eat the Rich

I have been awed and inspired by the energy, commitment and passion on the streets of lower Manhattan by the large group of non contribution

October 07, 2011 Economy, News and Politics, U.S.
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Bread & Circuses

By: Ty J. Young (Republished with permission) More than at any time in our history, political, fiscal and monetary decisions are impacting your money, the

September 26, 2011 Economy, News and Politics, U.S.
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The Speech Obama Should Have Given

Article Written By Lawrence Reed – President of Foundation For Economic Education   Guess which candidate for the Presidency said this: “Our Federal extravagance and

September 14, 2011 Economy, News and Politics, U.S.
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“Mirror, Mirror”

In the iconic American television show Star Trek, one of the most famous, and most popular with fans, was an episode entitled “Mirror, Mirror.”

August 12, 2011 Economy, U.S.
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The Debt Deal

The new debt ceiling measure approved by Congress this week will cut nearly $1 trillion from the Federal budget over 10 years, raise the country’s

August 03, 2011 Economy, News and Politics, U.S.
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For The Win

“I don’t consult polls to tell me what my principles are or what our policies should be. Leaders change the polls.” -Rep. Paul Ryan

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