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Duck Dynasty: Bringing Back “Good” to American Television

In a world that proves to be a constant struggle for traditional God-fearing Americans to find wholesome family entertainment, the Robertson clan on Duck Dynasty is

August 22, 2013 Entertainment, Faith, General News, Social
David McCullough Jr. 1 “You Are Not Special” Commencement Speech Overall Score

“You Are Not Special” Commencement Speech

America, meet your new hero. His name is David McCullough Jr. He is taking slack from parents who really shouldn’t have procreated in the first place.

Glee-tfw-the-friends-whatever-8033256-1024-768 0

Real Talent Vs Hollywood

I was listening on Spotify (which is pretty cool – finally decided to use it!)  to music that I hadn’t heard in a while,  and

May 01, 2012 Entertainment, Videos
tf3 0

Want to see something cool?

Again away from politics – but towards something each of us as a person has — The ability to create stuff!    Check out the

March 28, 2012 Entertainment, Fun Stuff
The-Hunger-Games-the-hunger-game-trilogy-2624991-1280-960 0 The Hunger Games – Rated! Overall Score

The Hunger Games – Rated!

What I Knew So this weekend, I went to the movies with my girlfriend to go see the movie that everyone has been raving about

October+Baby+movie+poster1 1 October Baby: Movie Review Overall Score

October Baby: Movie Review

I recently went and saw Andrew and Jon Erwin’s new pro-life inspired film titled “October Baby.” The film highlights the journey of 19 year-old Hannah (Rachel Hendrix)

jim_yong 2 Teach me how to Jim Yong Kim Overall Score

Teach me how to Jim Yong Kim

If you are anything like me, my first reaction was "who??" Or perhaps, "wait isn't that the platform wearing former evil dictator of North Korea?"

Real Mitt Stand Up 0

Will the real Mitt Romney please stand up??

What happens when you combine a classic Eminem track with selectively edited clips of a severe conservative who makes $10,000 bets? YouTube . The video,

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