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It’s Time to Go Joe: Changing the Penn State Legacy

The shameful public knowledge of Penn State Defensive Coordinator Jerry Sandusky’s molestation of nine boys in 15 years has recently tarnished the reputation of Penn

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Meet Britt Hysen of Gen Y TV

Gen Y TV is a network for 18-35 year olds that addresses the opportunities and challenges facing young adults today. Article and video segments focus

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Frak Me! He Was Right Again!

By: Pub Valeris As the 10th Anniversary of 9/11 approaches, I wouldn’t be surprised if the “I told you so” bug bites Dick Cheney.  I

August 29, 2011 Entertainment, U.S., World
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Jay Z Calls Critisizm of the President “Fair”

It’s only fair to give the president a reasonable amount of time to get the economy back on track from what some have called “the

July 12, 2011 Entertainment, Uncategorized
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Jon Stewart: The Consistently Misinformed Anchor

Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace fired back at Jon Stewart on Sunday, a week after the Daily Show host called Wallace "insane" on the

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Amazing VLT Time-Lapse HD Video Footage

Stunning footage taken from the VTL in Northern Chili. The VTL is made up of four separate telescopes, and is so powerful, that according to

May 30, 2011 Entertainment, Videos
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“I Wanna Be The Governor!!!”

This kid is hilarious, but don’t vote for him. He wants to raise your property taxes. Here is a tweet from Governor Chris Christie in

March 31, 2011 Entertainment, Videos
Senate Holds Rare Closed Door Session 0

Say What?!

Think it is hard to make budget cuts in social security and medicare? That’s nothing to Senator Harry Reid, just don’t touch his NPR, and

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