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Moore Money, Moore Problems

If I could choose a ruler for hypocrites, I would make Michael More Emperor, with Chris Matthews as advisor, and Al Gore as court jester.

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Bloggers of the World Unite

Due to inspiration from the united unionization and union-ness of the union workers of America, I have determined that Future Voices of America, and indeed

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If I Could Get My Hands on Obamacare…

I couldn’t help but think, if I ever get my hands on the healthcare legislation, this would be an accurate depiction of myself: The news

March 03, 2011 Entertainment, Opinion
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Become a Citizen Journalist

After talking with Andrew Breitbart, he struck a chord that made complete sense – our generation needs to make an effort to change the equation

February 15, 2011 Entertainment, Videos
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The Best Super Bowl Commercials of 2011

These are my top 2 picks for Super Bowl commercials this year. Enjoy! What were your top picks

February 08, 2011 Entertainment
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Jimmy Buffett falls off stage

Jimmy Buffett is OK after falling off a stage in Sydney, Australia. Buffett was said to have suffered a head injury, but is in good

January 27, 2011 Entertainment, Videos
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Rally For Relief: Tennis Players Raise Money To Help Victims of Queensland Floods

The world's best tennis players and thousands of tennis fans joined forces to raise $1.5 million and counting at the Rally for Relief at Rod

January 16, 2011 Entertainment, Latest News
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R.Lee Ermey Jabs Administration (UPDATED)

At a Toys-For-Tot’s event for the Marine Corp., R. Lee got a small jab in at the administration.  I think we know where he stands

January 05, 2011 Entertainment, Videos
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