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The Liberty Party: A Political Bankruptcy

About the time of the 2008 election, I realized the GOP or Republican party would not be able to lead us out of this darkness.

November 08, 2012 Elections, Faith, FVA Originals, Opinion, U.S.
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A Biblical Perspective on the Way Forward

Despite the prognostications that Romney would win by a landslide, the reality is another Obama term.  In the context of the Supreme Court Obamacare decision

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Who is Frank Marshal Davis?

Dinesh D’Souza is the President of King’s College and a writer who has a film coming out entitled “Obama’s America: 2016”. The Blaze has gained

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John Quincy Adams – Independence Day Speech

An oration delivered before the inhabitants of the Town of Newburyport, at their request, on the Sixty-First Anniversary of the Declaration of Independence, July 4th, 1837. By John Quincy Adams. July 11

July 04, 2012 FVA Originals
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Christ At The Checkpoint

Breaking the Misconceptions Samantha Borders- Future Voices of America “God blesses those who work for peace, for they will be called the children of God.”  

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“Interweb” Love Messages

Ahh – Apparently we’re doing something right when we start receiving love messages like the ones below!   Gotta love it! teabagger serfs are quick

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What You Need to Know About the Union Protests …in a nutshell

With all the spin in the media coverage of the Wisconsin union protests, it’s hard to know what the facts are. Check out our latest

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FVA News Update February 2011

Covered in this episode – Congressman Chris Lee (Craigslist Congressman), Egyptian Protests, CPAC, Jimmy McMillan, Wisconsin Protests

February 20, 2011 FVA Originals, News Updates, Videos
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