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A catalyst, a bulldog, a game changer

“He’s made everybody swords, and if you want to honor him, pick one up. He gave you all the tools you need,” said Dana Loesch

March 13, 2012 General News, Interviews, Videos
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Meet Britt Hysen of Gen Y TV

Gen Y TV is a network for 18-35 year olds that addresses the opportunities and challenges facing young adults today. Article and video segments focus

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Israel, War, and Oil

This week Future Voices Co-Founder David Nicholas was on with Neil Cavuto on Fox Business discussing the implications of war in the Middle East and

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“We do it better, we do it safer and we do it more efficiently” -Rep. Michele Bachmann

Future Voices Co-Founder David Nicholas interviewed Rep. Michele Bachmann on the Ty J. Young show. Watch the interview below!

March 18, 2011 Interviews, Videos, World
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Dana Loesch talks to Future Voices

Dana Loesch, Editor-in-Chief of and radio host of “The Dana Show” talks to Sara Johnson about becoming a conservative and liberal bias. CPAC 2011:

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Rep. Allen West with Future Voices

Representative Allen West took time out before his Key Note Address to CPAC to speak with Kenan Knight of Future Voices of America. Representative West

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Funny! Steven Crowder with Future Voices

Steven Crowder talks to future voices about his hair product, castles, nurses, and Michael Moore

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Tom Price vs Obama-Care

Rep. Tom Price (GA-6) talks to Future Voices about the best way to repeal ObamaCare

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