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A Tribute To Soldiers: Restoring Honor

Washington- For the hundreds of thousands in attendance, and the millions more watching from their televisions, the Restoring Honor Rally on 8/28 was a memorable

Wealth Redistribution…through Capitalism?

By Ty J. Young -President Ty J. Young Inc. -Future Voices “Support for wealth redistribution, are you kidding?  Seriously?” No, I’m not kidding.  In fact,

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A Summer of Staycationing and “Stimulating”

By Amanda Hooper -Future Voices The stimulus bill may not be creating jobs, but it is helping to add words to our daily vocabulary…one such

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Prime Minister Viktor Orban: The Power of Prayer

In an ‘on demand’ culture we find ourselves wanting immediate results with little effort put forth. This phenomenon is not only found in the secular

Democracy or Republic?

By Kenan Knight -Future Voices Democracy or Republic? That is the question. If you listen to many of our current day politicians, you would probably

August 08, 2010 Future Voices Originals

“2010 Financial Reform Bill…It’s been tried before – and it didn’t work!”

By Ty J. Young, President of Ty J. Young, Inc. -Future Voices Economics Advisor This is one for the cheap seats. “THERE HAS NEVER BEEN

Home Vacancies Rise – Fannie & Freddie Not In Bill

By Kenan Knight -Future Voices With foreclosures on the rise, unemployment at 10% and bailouts of nearly every major indurstry, congress was able to pass

July 27, 2010 Future Voices Originals

Clean Desktop Backgrounds

Nothing crazy here — Just a clean background.  We’ll start making nicer ones in the future — just wanted to mess around in Photoshop and

July 22, 2010 Future Voices Originals
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