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Catalyst Christian Leadership Conference …with a side of Marxism

This article was covered by Red State’s & WSB Radio’s Erick Erickson on The Erick Erickson Show. Click here to listen. Catalyst, a conference started

August 28, 2011 Faith, Latest News, Social

ISS – Israeli Support Syndrome

Restoring Courage US is a series of coordinated events in states across the country to highlight the courage of the Israeli people and spread their

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Justifying American Justice

July 4th, a day when Americans don red, white and blue from head to toe, sing patriotic songs, and literally light up the sky in

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Jon Stewart: The Consistently Misinformed Anchor

Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace fired back at Jon Stewart on Sunday, a week after the Daily Show host called Wallace "insane" on the

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The Church in Turkey

Jonathan Youssef, Future Voices contributor and International Director for Leading The Way is currently in Turkey doing a 7 church tour highlighting the growth of

June 14, 2011 Faith, Latest News
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Welfare Reform: Sobering the System

“Remember, this is a privilege, not a right…” Those words from my father still echo in the back of my head. Growing up they were

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Whatever Happened to G.I. Joe?

Just when you thought you’d seen everything… No, those aren’t Ninja Turtles or the villains they fight, those are the bad guys of history (minus

June 13, 2011 Latest News, Social
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What Can YOU DO To Help?

Over the past couple months there have been powerful storms that have left many communities in our country devastated. We all want to help, but

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