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Future Voices in Washington- Restoring Honor “I’m very dissapointed with what’s going on in Washington right now” -Kadeem Noray, Westfield,

September 03, 2010 News and Politics

Removal from Iraq: The Right Choice?

By Samantha Borders –Foreign Analyst for Future Voices From the beginning of the United States’ involvement in Iraq, there has been great debate over the

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Believing In The Dream

By Amanda Hooper -Future Voices “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness”. Seven words we have all heard repeated time and time again since elementary

A Tribute To Soldiers: Restoring Honor

Washington- For the hundreds of thousands in attendance, and the millions more watching from their televisions, the Restoring Honor Rally on 8/28 was a memorable

Thomas Jefferson On The Ground Zero Mosque

Do you want to know what Thomas Jefferson would have thought about the Ground Zero Mosque? I came across this article and just had to

August 25, 2010 News and Politics

Have We Collapsed?

By Pub Valeris op-ed-Future Voices I was asked recently by your editor, one of the founding creators of FVOA, when did everything change? When did

August 24, 2010 News and Politics

Wealth Redistribution…through Capitalism?

By Ty J. Young -President Ty J. Young Inc. -Future Voices “Support for wealth redistribution, are you kidding?  Seriously?” No, I’m not kidding.  In fact,

Unpatriotic To Be Patriotic

Editorial -Future Voices When I think about America I think about the red, white and blue lining the streets on a Fourth of July. I

August 18, 2010 News and Politics, Opinion
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