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Riots, morality, and the role of government

“Men, in a word, must necessarily be controlled either by a power within them or by a power without them; either by the word of

August 19, 2011 Faith, News and Politics, Opinion
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A Time For Choosing

This election cycle there has been much talk of more aware voters, more active citizens, and greater interest than ever before. This is true to

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The Debt Ceiling Debacle

The United States reached its “oh s*!$” moment this week as it hit the debt ceiling on Monday. Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner said adjustments to

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It’s Not Me, It’s You: America’s youth are ready to see new politicians

America's youth are ready for some new politicians

May 16, 2011 Opinion
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O’ Hallowed Halls of Progressivism

In a 2005 study by George Mason University, 72% of professors at American universities described themselves as Progressive, as opposed to 15% Conservative, a margin

May 08, 2011 Opinion
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Flip The Trend: Time For The Private Sector To Put Big Government Out Of Business

In my opinion, big government entitlements can be blamed on the failure of man in many circumstances.  As a nation, we have stopped turning to

May 03, 2011 Opinion
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What Would Jesus Take?

It seems very clear that Jesus would be cool with a 39.6% tax bracket for people making over $250,000 –Lawrence O’Donnell What would Jesus really

April 27, 2011 Faith, News and Politics, Opinion
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The Political Sales Gimmick

When someone is taught how to sell they are instructed to position the buyer between two products–would you like “A” more expensive, or “B” less

April 26, 2011 Opinion
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