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Tim Tebow’s Unwavering Faith

Tim Tebow’s NFL performance has been both perplexing and intriguing to almost anyone who watches him, but it’s very hard to argue against someone who

November 23, 2011 Faith, Social
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America: The World’s Last Best Hope

America has had many difficult struggles in it’s short history.The revolutionary and civil wars, the great depression, September 11th, and the current “great recession.” A

November 19, 2011 Faith, Social, World
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Corrupting The Dream

Cornel West has given us another example of why his invitation to be a main speaker at this years Catalyst Conference in Atlanta, a Christian

September 02, 2011 General News, News and Politics, Social, U.S.
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Catalyst Christian Leadership Conference …with a side of Marxism

This article was covered by Red State’s & WSB Radio’s Erick Erickson on The Erick Erickson Show. Click here to listen. Catalyst, a conference started

August 28, 2011 Faith, Latest News, Social
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Welfare Reform: Sobering the System

“Remember, this is a privilege, not a right…” Those words from my father still echo in the back of my head. Growing up they were

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Whatever Happened to G.I. Joe?

Just when you thought you’d seen everything… No, those aren’t Ninja Turtles or the villains they fight, those are the bad guys of history (minus

June 13, 2011 Latest News, Social
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Tweeting For Good? Check out Beremedy!

Our friends over at Beremedy just came out with a new video. Beremedy is an organization that uses social media such as Twitter, Facebook and

March 22, 2011 Latest News, Social
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Morality, Family, and The Republic

The moral order is there to greet us when we are born. A set of rules pressing upon us the moment we take our first

March 21, 2011 Faith, Opinion, Social
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