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ObamaCare, Waivers and Pavers to a Single Payer

The “Patient Protection and Affordable Health Care Act” – what a misleading name. As an insurance broker working with small and medium size businesses I

March 09, 2011 Social
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Service & Politics

Human stories are powerful; they encourage, inspire, and give hope.  They are what shape, in the general sense, policies, opinions, and the agendas of interest

February 25, 2011 News and Politics, Social
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“We should have known the day after President Obama was elected that we were going to have warfare in this country”

Unions, socialists, and communists gathered in front of the Georgia State Capitol Building located in Atlanta to protest on Wednesday. The extremist groups united against

February 24, 2011 Latest News, News and Politics, Social
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An Affair With Uncle Sam: The Feminist’s Scandal on American Women

Type, “What is a feminist” in your search engine. You will receive close to four million results and countless definitions. After reading many of them,

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