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The Weekly Fix 1.6.12

This week’s update: The Iowa caucuses, Michele Bachmann drops out, Santorums sure, Obama appoints more communists and takes advice

January 07, 2012 The Weekly Fix, Videos
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The Weekly Fix 12.16.11

Check out or first episode of “The Weekly Fix” below! This weeks Weekly Fix highlights: Iraq and Iran, MF Global, TIME’s person of the year,

December 16, 2011 The Weekly Fix, Videos
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Who is Che Wawa?

With all of this Occupy Wall Street protesting going on, it looks like the dogs in America have finally had enough! Check out this new

November 09, 2011 Future Voices Originals, Videos
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Cowboy Up

Governor of Texas, Rick Perry, announced that he is entering the presidential race this past weekend at the Red State event in Charleston, SC. Perry,

August 15, 2011 Elections, News and Politics, Videos

ISS – Israeli Support Syndrome

Restoring Courage US is a series of coordinated events in states across the country to highlight the courage of the Israeli people and spread their

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This Is What Leadership Looks Like

Thank you Senator Marco Rubio

July 30, 2011 News and Politics, Videos
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Glenn Beck Speaks to the Knesset

Imagine what our country would look like would look like if Truth wasn't the exception, but was the norm

July 12, 2011 News and Politics, Videos
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Amazing VLT Time-Lapse HD Video Footage

Stunning footage taken from the VTL in Northern Chili. The VTL is made up of four separate telescopes, and is so powerful, that according to

May 30, 2011 Entertainment, Videos
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