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Constitution Loving – Out of hand?

Joyless Behar waited five long days to make the heads of Americans explode in 2012. This time instead of naming calling a candidate running for

January 06, 2011 News and Politics, Videos
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R.Lee Ermey Jabs Administration (UPDATED)

At a Toys-For-Tot’s event for the Marine Corp., R. Lee got a small jab in at the administration.  I think we know where he stands

January 05, 2011 Entertainment, Videos
110th U.S. Congress Is Sworn In 3

America’s Mother-in-law

As if we needed another example of how absolutely out of touch Nancy Pelosi is, she has been so gracious to give us perhaps our

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Website Updates and Changes!

Welcome 2011! We’re bringing you a newly renovated website – with several different features to make sure you have the ability to keep up-to-date with

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News Update: December 16, 2010

Check out our new Future Voices Update!

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News Update: November 17, 2010

Check out our Future Voices News update! This News update covers TSA pat downs, Hillary Clinton, WikiLeaks, President Obama’s stitches

November 17, 2010 News Updates, Videos
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Coaches vs. Politicians – #1

Don’t you wish our leaders sometimes talked like coaches?  At least we’d get a person that would take responsibility – no matter what the situation

October 05, 2010 Future Voices Originals, Videos
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