Amanda Hooper

As a lifelong opinionated and vocal patriot, Amanda was thrilled when David Nicholas asked her to combine her passions for writing and America and contribute to Future Voices. “Seeing our generation getting fired up about the future of our nation only fueled my desire to help in the FVOA mission to advocate for our future leaders and educate those who want to know more. I believe in America and I believe in what we can do as a generation to help secure not only our future but also our reputation as the best country in the world!”

- BS in Communication, PR concentration from Kennesaw State University
- Marketing Specialist for Kaplan Learning Technologies

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Jonathan Youssef

Jonathan Youssef is the International Director of Leading The Way ministries in Atlanta, Georgia, where he oversees the organization’s international radio and television broadcasts which are produced in a dual language format for 20 of the most widely spoken languages in the world. He is also an advisory board member of, a Christian dating website. Previously, he was e-communications director for the Chambliss for Senate campaign (2008), where he oversaw all web / TV content development. Jonathan is a graduate of Auburn University where he earned a B.A. in history. He is currently pursuing a Masters of Divinity from Reformed Theological Seminary (RTS) in Atlanta, GA.

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Samantha Borders

Having traveled to 18 countries throughout my lifetime, I have been keenly interested in the improvement of international relations between the United States and foreign nations around the globe. As a senior at Augusta State University in Historical Studies and Anthropology, I believe that the voices of my generation have now, more than ever before, the ability to vocalize their beliefs; however, this is sadly not exercised to its fullest potential in our current day. The concepts of politics and international affairs have been stained with corruption, and because of my strong convictions, I take an active interest to educate myself and others concerning the issues that affect not only Americans, but citizens throughout the world as well.

As a contributor to Future Voices of America, I aim to write articles that provoke thoughts, questions and discussions. My ultimate goal is that, along with the rest of the FVA contributors, my pieces will lead you, the reader, to decide for yourself the solutions to our Nation’s problems.

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