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Chris Matthews of NBC News at the NBC All-Star party in Beverly Hills 1

“It’s about this Armageddon thing”

Chris Matthews is at it again. He just can’t help but contradict himself, attack conservative women, mock Christians, and say something utterly ridiculous at least

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Moore Money, Moore Problems

If I could choose a ruler for hypocrites, I would make Michael More Emperor, with Chris Matthews as advisor, and Al Gore as court jester.

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My Matthews Theory

Have you ever noticed how once every few weeks there will be a clip of Chris Matthews making sense? Normally, it comes completely out of

February 05, 2011 News and Politics, Opinion, Videos

Hardball making sense?

The beginning of this video is fairly biased – Andrea Mitchell looks at the small picture as to what went on in this Israeli boarding

June 17, 2010 Uncategorized
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