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Christians Under the Crescent: Egypt

The Christians of Egypt are a forgotten people. For nearly 14 centuries they have been marginalized and subjected to second class “dhimmi” status under the

July 15, 2013 General News, Middle East
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Independence Day

“The definition of Democracy is two wolves and a sheep deciding what to have for dinner.” Benjamin Franklin well understood the dangers every democracy in

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CBS Correspondent Lara Logan Speaks Out On US Foreign Policy

CBS correspondent Lara Logan gave a compelling keynote address at the Better Government Association’s annual luncheon recently. She discussed many pressing issues  on Afghanistan, the Taliban

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I Stand With Israel

It has become increasingly clear to me over the past week that our media is simply not going to do its job. There are a

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Extreme Mosque Makeover! …Taxpayer Edition

In November, ABC affiliate, WSB-TV in Atlanta completed an investigation that looked into the allocation of U.S. tax dollars, following the recent efforts to slash

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The Brotherhood Grim

With Mubarak out of the door in Egypt, and Gadaffi’s Libya threatening to erupt into civil war, the Muslim Brotherhood has been rubbing their hands

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Brigitte Gabriel & The Christian Church in Egypt

Brigitte Gabriel met up with David Nicholas at the 2011 CPAC conference to discuss the plight and safety of Christians in Egypt due to the

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Future Thinkers of America

As I sat listening to my father (Dr. Michael Youssef) explain to his audience, what growing up under a dictatorship in Egypt was like, I

February 11, 2011 Latest News, Opinion
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