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It’s not about contraception

“Government is instituted to protect property of every sort… [and] conscience is the most sacred of all property.” James Madison

February 17, 2012 Social
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Planned Parenthood: in 2009 98% of services to pregnant women were abortions

Caution: While edited, this video may not be suitable for everyone due to language and the topic being discussed. Planned Parenthood Exposed: Is this how

February 09, 2012 News and Politics, Social
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Is it morally wrong to take a life? …YES!

To those of us that live in the wonderful world of absolutes, where good vs. evil and right vs. wrong exist, the answer to that

January 31, 2012 Faith, News and Politics, Social

To Those Who Criticize Tebow

We know that there is something wrong with our society when we start scrutinizing people for publicly proclaiming their faith. However, I do not know

January 13, 2012 News and Politics, Social
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“The Exception”

Note from the author: The title is about as politically correct as this article is going to get. I got into a debate with a

December 30, 2011 Social
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Don’t sell out, don’t sit down, and don’t shut up

Tea Party: a little over a year ago, you had the establishment freaking out. You were taking hits from every mainstream media outlet on both

December 14, 2011 Elections, News and Politics
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When the Crosses Are Gone

Dr. Michael Youssef’s latest book, “When the Crosses are Gone: Restoring Sanity to a World Gone Mad” is a much needed, unapologetic, bold assault on

December 02, 2011 Faith
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Thank God I’m American

Have you ever stopped to consider how many choices we have in one aisle of the grocery store? Seriously, we have entire aisles devoted to

December 01, 2011 Economy, News and Politics
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