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Tim Tebow’s Unwavering Faith

Tim Tebow’s NFL performance has been both perplexing and intriguing to almost anyone who watches him, but it’s very hard to argue against someone who

November 23, 2011 Faith, Social
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America: The World’s Last Best Hope

America has had many difficult struggles in it’s short history.The revolutionary and civil wars, the great depression, September 11th, and the current “great recession.” A

November 19, 2011 Faith, Social, World
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The $55k commercial for God: A moment of faith, hope, and charity

"This is what it’s really all about. It’s not about right or left, Republicans or Democrats, it’s about turning back to our values, and focusing

November 19, 2011 Economy
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It’s Time to Go Joe: Changing the Penn State Legacy

The shameful public knowledge of Penn State Defensive Coordinator Jerry Sandusky’s molestation of nine boys in 15 years has recently tarnished the reputation of Penn

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Who is Che Wawa?

With all of this Occupy Wall Street protesting going on, it looks like the dogs in America have finally had enough! Check out this new

November 09, 2011 Future Voices Originals, Videos
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Obama’s Leadership & Jobs Bill

What is the role of a leader? Most Americans would probably say it is the ability to influence others to achieve a common goal. An

October 17, 2011 Economy, News and Politics, U.S.
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Inside Occupy LA

On Saturday, October 8, 2011 Occupy LA commemorated it's first week of occupancy outside of City Hall. I was amazed at the collection of people

October 13, 2011 Economy, News and Politics, U.S.
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In Case You Missed This

As if there’s not enough going around these days to get under your skin, I figured it’d be good fun to poke at you a

October 12, 2011 General News
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