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Abortion: The Real Civil Rights Issue of Our Time: 
Myths and Contradictions of Popular Culture

Abortion has been used by politicians as a wedge issue, supported by self-proclaimed civil rights leaders, and pushed as “family planning.” These myths and contradictions

May 29, 2012 Opinion, Social
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Planned Parenthood: in 2009 98% of services to pregnant women were abortions

Caution: While edited, this video may not be suitable for everyone due to language and the topic being discussed. Planned Parenthood Exposed: Is this how

February 09, 2012 News and Politics, Social
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“New Tone” From the Feminist Left: Silence Following Attacks On Women

The actions of extreme leftists’, especially recently, have undoubtedly proved themselves to be a group overflowing with hypocrisy.  There are those who claim Rep. Paul

April 20, 2011 News and Politics, Opinion
Uncle Sam and Rosie the Riveter 1

An Affair With Uncle Sam: The Feminist’s Scandal on American Women

Type, “What is a feminist” in your search engine. You will receive close to four million results and countless definitions. After reading many of them,

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